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To all my teachers, Live a long life!

Let’s just say I had wonderful and cool teachers back then. They taught me so many things I did not expect I’d learn in life! From loving math, history, to cooking, and things about love, they just had to be a part of my growing up.

100_1942     100_1980

They say, being an effective teacher is about imparting knowledge and passion to the young. I think they did more than just sharing wisdom and giving lectures! On top of it all, at some relevant points of our growing up, they became our mothers, friends, and confidants. They became the push we all needed to win that race. They were once the shoulders we run to when we just had to. They knew everything about my first love and how I fell in love with that kid. They were there when I won the school elections and they were there when I had my heart broken. Ha ha ha

Writing this article may be very strange for me because to be honest, at one point, I hated all of them. I loathed how they made my academic life seemingly unbearable. I thought, “who gets all these scolding in high school?” But now that I can see the bigger picture, I could never be thankful enough for all the honest criticisms that made me probably a better version of myself. Now I get it, their goal was never to make a good kid out of me–but to make a better adult out of my old self.


Love lots,


PS. If you happen to be my English Professor in High School and maybe you are reading this, forgive my grammar and please consider this as my first draft. After all, a good story was never written, you said it was re-written. Hahaha



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