Dawn Talks (Series), law school

the Reason why dawn talks a lot

Whenever I am alone anywhere, studying, I delight in short pauses where I sit back and talk to God. We talk about almost everything–from annoying people, random rants, to blessings. Sometimes I throw questions at Him like how come He’s never tired of forgiving? Is He some kind of a mercy machine that keeps on going and giving away love for no reason? Sometimes I ask Him silly questions like when will I have kids? Or why is it that my ultimate celebrity crush is so gwapo and the barista at Starbucks isnt. Sometimes, I make it all the way to asking Him why is Taxation so alien and how Labor Professor can sometimes be scary?

Well, i think I enjoy His company more than anyone else’s. His answers to all of questions most of the time leave me satisfied and dumbfounded. This morning at the church He said something about faith and peace. Just what I needed having to go thru Finals Week and Hectic study schedules I seldom follow.

Why should I fear man, when YOU made the heavens?
Why should I be afraid when YOU put the stars in place?
And why should I give up when YOUR plans are full of love

And the refrain:

In this world we will have troubles, but YOU have overcome the world!

Ha ha ha Jesus really knows how I am feeling each time I look at my calendar colored and filled with to do lists. Fear, anxiety, restlessness and such. But as He promised: Philippians 1:6

And for whatever it is, I am looking forward to more honest talks with my Ultimate Best Friend. I hope we can do more talking amid the busy sched ahead!

PS. He told me He wants to talk to you too! 🙂




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