Pre-Camp Rant


I tried making up a design for the tarp and this is just the best I could come up with. Ha ha ha Instead of losing hope and giving it all a big sigh, I laugh with God and tell him how could He use me and all of us for something big? The truth is, what’s left of our church’s youth are just a bunch of children ministry teachers, a few pianist maybe, and me, without a single talent. Not even designing a simple tarp. As much as I wanna learn, I am finding adobe illustrator so much more difficult than my taxation course in law school. Funny how I thought tax couldn’t get any worse.

I admire how God teaches us to trust Him by not giving us money right before the camp. Yes, this is a fund-less youth camp unlike other youth fellowships I know which has at least 15,000 pesos for decorations. Can you believe that? 15K only for some tarpaulin and balloons? Ha ha ha I think it’s the fact that we start His activity penny-less makes me all the more excited to see His wonders. I think I can picture ourselves like how Moses looked like when God told him to pick up that staff and said, “with this rod, ye shall do MY wonders!” Except we don’t have a rod.

However, for the days to come, I know He will be with us. I am still here in the city waiting for my flight tomorrow hopefully to attend the camp. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes I am still into Planetshakers’ latest album and I am in the process of picking favorites. I think this may go on for a while until I can find another new thing. Thank God for strong internet connection Iย can watch movies for free. Tada!


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