Project Thankful


what feels like the end is often the beginning!

I know I am gonna look back few years from now and re think how the FIRST SEMBREAK CAMP happened and HOW JESUS MADE IT HAPPEN. gosh I still cannot contain my happiness and the inside of me squeaks for joy everytime I try to relive the moment. Here’s my blog about it.


This year’s Sembreak Camp is very special not just because it is the first, but also because this is like a new beginning for all of us. We used to have DeCamps (December Camps) before but after a certain yolanda hit our local churches, the remaining youths decided to leave everything behind and start anew and move the camp to its new schedule, hence the October Camp. Basically, with deficiency in manpower, we had to do everything from scratch. I felt this bang in my head when we started praying for a worship leader, for a new president, for a worship team, group of staff, everything–brand new. Funny thing is, most of the staff we had were kind of inexperienced being staff since it was their first time. But you see, the moment we realize and admit our limitations and flaws, the bigger our need for God becomes. We may be lacking in well-trained manpower, but we are abundant in fully-armored Godpower!

You use the weak to lead the strong!

I want this post to be positive and grateful–ignoring disappointments we got from other people and taking criticisms as ways for us to improve… after all there’s no other way for us but to improve. The attitude must not be to make a competition out of this but to always point every bit of success back to God.

If you can see me now, you’d probably see me smiling as I write this post in hopes of reminding my future self about How Jesus delivered us and gave us this kind of camp as a starter! Every thing is just successful and wonderful–from meals, to location, sound system, documentation, worship team, campers, program, the games, the bonfire (oh my the bonfire- one of my favorite parts) and the STAFF! ALL Glory to God.

 The theme was really about waiting. Waiting upon the Lord for everything–for His second coming, for true love, for grades, for justice, for graduation, for marriage, for that job promotion, for healing, for provision, for unsaved loved ones, for everything! It is important we maintain the attitude of finding joy in waiting upon our Lord Jesus–putting all our hopes in Him.


Photos to follow.


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