i am not ashamed of JESUS, Project Thankful

This time with photos

Welcome to our humble abode. For the whole duration of the camp, this tiny tent served as a shelter to the staff. I appreciate the muscles and teamwork that created this. The first photo is a photo of our kitchen where we serve the meals and where we make tambay if we’ve got nothing to do.

 5 2

Considering we pay only P50 for 3 days of meal, the kitchen crew (which usually consists of nanays and tatays) does not just cook and prepare the food. They also do the budgeting. Praise God for the very delicious meals we had even if we only had to pay that much.

23 3

In the first photo (lower left) campers try to pass an eggplant to their teammates using their feet. The first team to finish wins! Ha ha kudos to Faith for this game. The second photo (lower right) shows a game called “Higher or Lower.” A member tries to guess the number on the screen while the other teammates will give clues by raising their thumbs if they want a higher digit. First team to guess wins.

28 29

but one went on to doing this pose. Indeed, campers have their own funny way of doing things and I thank God for that. The rest are photos during outdoor games.

7 19 16

The camp site has a wide area where we do most of our outdoor games every afternoon regardless the weather.

9 17

14 13

Sometimes, we do get a lot of scolding from elders regarding our way of conducting games. I think this is because of too much dirt and mud that we always end up throwing what we wore. But at the end of the day, we always look back to the silly and fun things we had, not to the scolding.

20 21

I guess no Php 50 can match with the happiness and fulfillment in our individual hearts.


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