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if only the library had eyes

With classes going on, I am forced to go back to my daily routine–afternoons in the library. I can say I really did not miss the place except for the lovely sunsets I get to see from the curtain wall. Besides Christmas, another thing I love about this chilly season is getting more pretty sunsets–the ones that are so orange-y they sometimes make the sky blaze in fire.

Funny thing is, for the entire break, I have been out enjoying the heat of the sun. I think somebody called it, Living in the Sunshine. For a little while, that was my mantra which I did not intend to do literally to avoid serious skin trauma. I just had to enjoy the nothingness in my days. But now that classes have begun, I am (happy and) contented with sunsets.

So, for now, I am just super thankful I can still see the lovely sunset from the library’s curtain wall. The library witnesses this miracle everyday that’s too wonderful it doesn’t deserve a passive nod. If only the library had eyes… Since I do, every time I can, I spend that amazing 2 minutes of my day facing that curtain wall thanking God for that gift I know He purposely made for me.



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