Exciting Stories

eye of the storm

There’s that strange calm before the storm which scares me a little. Friends say this is where laziness goes to die. Hello third year! Recitations will start this week and here I am, fancying my newly polished toes.


Albert faces the same kind of thing–Med School. Even if he doesn’t blab about it as often as I do when we’re together, I know he’s struggling too. This common thing may keep us apart most days but it sure keeps us together in some unique way. With these happy struggles we both have, we discover each other’s weakness and strength. We become each other’s cheerers and we always find ways to encourage one another in tough times. Together, we laugh and cry about things. What we have is something I am grateful for.. It’s a different version of LDR, I suppose but I am excited for a brighter future.

For this semester, I thought I won’t be having much time for church activities considering I’ll be having five hebi subjects this sem plus Taxation 2. I know. I thought so too until I realized that was Taxation 1. So hello Taxation 2. Sometimes, I just can’t understand what makes Taxation so comprehensive I have to take it twice.

Currently, I just started having kids at Sunday School and I just said yes to a couple of committees at PAW Nyt. I hope I can find the time to blog about them, soon.


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