Just Sayin

You fought hard, Ma’am.

There’s this sad thing about having to go without even saying goodbye. I wish we could have done that–saying goodbyes.  But as I see it, I never even made time to say hello. And it’s too late.

I could have thanked you for teaching me how to love even the unlovable–like loving science. I think even up to now, I always am proud of how, at some point in my life, I actually memorized, mastered by heart, and understood advance chemistry simply because you were my teacher. You will always be the best science teacher ever!

So here I am crying in secret, I can’t even finish this post. Thinking how precious the memories become now that they are the only things I can remember you by. Until the end, you fought hard. So hard and strong, you’ve always lived up to your name–Irong– which we fondly call, Ma’am Iron-G. And that is yet another lesson we all have to learn.

Farewell, ma’am! It’s time for you to rest.



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