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10 old photos good for throwback thursdays

Today, I decided to write something about myself and post some old photos, too. I want to check if I can still recall dates and certain events with some degree of exactitude. People call it throwback.


1. It was January 17, 1998. Tuesday and it was a cloudy day.


2. March 2004. Elementary Graduation. I am still wearing my toga (graduation gown) and my medals. Must have been so proud. I used to count how many were there and tell my daddy and lola what each of them were for.


3. Camping in Carmen. Totally forgot what year was it. Girl Scout days!


4. July 19, 2007. 15th Birthday at the original and old Gold Bar with High School friends.


5. Summer of 2007. Manila. First solo trip.


6. Summer of 2007. Baguio City.


7. March 28, 2008. High School Graduation, I guess it was a sunny day.


8.  October 9, 2011. Search for Human Nature Ambassador. I represented Cebu City. It was my first probably the last time to join such contest. Fun!


9. December 2011. Cool christmas party with college classmates. Forever friends and forever treasured.


10. Second Semester SY 2012-2013. First Year College of Law Classmates! During our Constitutional Law 2 Final Exams. I can still remember how I studied those notes I’m holding. Some have become really good friends.



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