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To Travel

I wasn’t really born to travel. Although when I was little, mommy and lola would tour me every year in Cebu, travelling has never really became a hobby nor a passion. Actually, I kind of, grew up hating road trips due to seasickness.

Until I reached this stage when I started to realize maybe I am missing out on life’s great adventures simply because I refuse to see the skies from different angles. So I just woke up one day and felt like traveling, no joke.

To officially set one foot ahead of the other, I have started saving up for a travel fund. To grow this savings, I have resorted to tactics like giving up french vanilla latte from Starbucks. I refused to buy unnecessary things and started to buy things not because of their discounted price but because of sheer necessity.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset Processed with VSCOcam

To keep me motivated, I decided to really make an alkansya from recycled plastic and some cute stickers. P 50 bill today, who knows? Maybe South Korea in the near future?


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