See the World!

Seeing Panglao

Thanks to the people who bought all the plane tickets in the world, I finally had the best excuse to visit Bohol just for me to reach home. Who would have thought I could immediately start my travelling goal right after writing a post about starting a travel fund?

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Although the original plan was to try Danao, Bohol’s Extreme Adventure Tour, I think just the thought of having to ride a habal-habal alone thru quiet mountains scared me more than the actual 60 meter jump off the cliff! Ha ha ha This is what criminal law cases on rape will do you. So the coward dawn decided to go to Panglao, instead. I thought maybe the road to Panglao would be a bit safer for a loner like me.

Thank goodness Alona Beach Resort doesn’t ask for entrance fees. Finding a pretty place to have lunch was easy because of the choices around. I tried The Buzzz Cafe (yes, that’s tripple z) where I finally had access to instagram and posted a couple of photos just to let family and friends know that I am still very much alive and apparently, hungry. They have a very beautiful place, though not air-conditioned, but hey, the beach afront offers fresh air!

At the end of the day, I thank God for the safety and for the chance to meet and greet around 10 new people. I learned a lot from this travel. Until the next travel opportunity!



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