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Finding my Travel Buddy

I think finding a travel buddy is as important as saving money for travelling. Yes, backpacking on your own has its own perks, but seeing something amazing and having somebody to share it with is a major plus. Like what they always say, nothing is yummier than friends save for friends with chocolates, right?

 IMG_2003 IMG_2005

So, in trying out the Carrascal Extreme Adventure’s 1.1 km Zipline, I had with me as a travel buddy my little brother. Apparently, he enjoyed the ride more than feared the heights. It’s a good thing we did this together. Something that we’ll both look back to and thank God for the wonderful adventure we had.

I think I am more into adventures lately but I am keeping the ambiance of this space–thanking God in all things. Wherever life may take me–whether it be in cooking, travelling, or just in the nearest coffee shop gathering thoughts–I want to write about things that Jesus has blessed me with. I want this place to be a humble reminder of how He brought me into the waves of life and how he managed to get me through all those tossing and splashing.

For now, I am just grateful that before I end my beautiful 2014, I got to do some adventures and spelunking with my little travel buddy. He may not be my constant travel buddy but in times that he is, I am grateful. And to my forever TRAVEL BUDDY ABOVE, Thank You Jesus!


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