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It’s all about meeting the needs.

Hello. I am –. Most of you guys don’t know me by name. When you see me in the mall, you would prolly think, “Ah! She’s the Juice Lady at PAW!” or the “Sandwich Maker.” But seriously though, preparing the food never came easy having to face these kinds of circumstances.

  1. The Increasing Number. Before we start preparing, we count how many heads are we gonna have to feed. Then we start counting the cups to be washed, etc. And then, right before the end of the process, here comes the late comers who come in groups? Yeah? You know, this kind of people makes me happy and worried at the same time. Imagine yourself saying, “Okay, change of plans, not 81 but 94!” Ha! This comes crazy when you’re working with a VERY limited budget. Ha ha ha
  2. Cockroaches Everywhere. I am a little bit of meticulous when it comes to cleanliness I make sure everything we prepare is edible and safe. And so whenever we see flying or crawling cockroaches anywhere near our food, we kill them. So technically, slicing bread isn’t just a walk in the park but a battle to be won. He he he
  3. Re-washing of Re-washed Glasses. Ha ha We do the washing and we let them dry. The cups. And then there are these little ones who come and drink water as often as they breathe? And each time, they use different newly washed cups? Ha ha ha The struggle is real.
  4. Pre-Snack Eater. I don’t know how else to call them but these people come to us and give us cute puppy eyes in exchange for snacks. I mean, how can we resist them?
  5. Triple Snack and Bring Home People. Ha ha ha As you all know, we count the heads not the mouths. So one sandwich usually for one head, right? But there are these little ones who eat more food than they should. So, to make sure everybody gets AT LEAST ONE, we do extras and allowances for these beloved people.

Don’t get me or us wrong. We love to serve JESUS by serving all of you. And don’t ever change. If you find yourself belonging to category number 1, 3, 4, or 5, please stay the same. Hahaha You guys could never imagine the best lessons I personally learned from you. That is, to always be prepared, have extras, and make sure you get that homey feeling when you come near the counter. After all, it isn’t about meeting the number; it’s all about meeting the needs. I pray that, each Wednesday Night, you guys will be filled, not only with God’s beautiful Words, but also with yummy treats. God bless your day!


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