Thoughts on school, hobbies, and some irrelevant things

Summer is over–for a while now–and I am juggling up review classes and regular ones, together with sunday school duties and my latest fancy over the local kathniel. H h h

Writing a post as often as I want to can sometimes be close to impossible. Despite the fact that I really want to do the things that I love everyday (which by the way includes–blogging; calligraphy; cooking), I end up doing nothing at all.

I am about to turn 23 this July and I want to look back to my 22nd year and say, Hey looks like we made it; look how far we’ve come my baby–kidding! Okay, maybe  a part of does not want to turn 23 just yet. But honestly, I want my future self to know that my 22nd year-old self learned how to prioritize (finally) things and how to wait for the perfect time to make things happen. I have casually taken breaks from dreaming about weddings and having kids. I have plunged just a little bit into reality where I NEED to finish law school first and foremost before dreaming on travelling around the globe. Needless to say, I have drawn myself back to earth for about just a smidgen. And Hooray for that!

Today’s a Saturday morning when I should be enjoying a hot cuppa coffee while burying my face under my pillows listening to Jesus Culture. But that is not the case. I have yet to read 25 cases in Provisional Remedies; write the entire Rule 57; and Read a few more hundred pages for the recitations. Plus, here I am–trying to update my famous blog which has zero readers–except for my future self. Okay, srsly, I have to go back to reading.


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