Short Story

When all’s been said and done


The funny thing is I collected all the Starbucks Stickers for the 2017 Planner and actually bought (well, asked my mom to buy me one) a Navi 2017 Planner. Now, I have two cool and pretty planners and I’m not even at law school anymore! Not that I miss being that Starbucks squatter with her books and colored pens. It’s just that I haven’t figured out yet how to go about with the 2 planner thing outside busy-zone.

Currently, I have kept a list which my friends call “After the Bar” which contains all the stuff we’re supposed to do or we wanna do right after the Bar. These were the things we would’ve done had it not been for that guilt and the pile of backlogs we had. It’s supposed to motivate us and excite us for the long break ahead. Just to keep us on the track towards materializing all the life goals we never realized we had until we had to come up with the list: like solo travel, drive, get passports and visas, learn how to bake (or cook, whichever!) earn money, get a job, marry, have kids or just knit.

But the thing is, since that Monday right after the last Sunday of the 2016 Bar, I had only been to malls and watched Friends. Now, I’m still on its 3rd season. I can’t believe Friends went on for like 10 seasons! that’s like 10 years! Not to mention I have to watch Harry Potter 1 to 7 or 8 or whatever just in case I get to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire and not look idiot when asked about harry or hermione or gandalf. Wait, is gandalf in the potter series? or somewhere else? Plus I wanna start or restart with this blogging thing. Not that I have readers or what but it’s fun to reread previous posts and correct my own grammar or actually be reminded of what has been. So consider this post as a Step 1 for the blogging goals. I’m thinking maybe I should start on a different theme like, travel blogging or crafts but I’m too lazy for that. So for now, Hello Break! ooo Merry Christmas!


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