Exciting Stories

Calligraphy everywhere and Piano Lessons

What can you say now, Pinterest?


Although I believe this flatlay needs (badly) some serious improvements like better choice of props and lighting, I just cannot stop smiling as I stare at this pretty sight. Thank goodness for rub-on stickers. Got this from NBS. Now I can continue watching movies and endless youtubing of videos, usually clips from the series Friends. From time to time, I look at the laptop cover and smile. I wish I can create something like this using my own handwriting–not that I’m bragging–but I prefer my own strokes. BUT this will definitely do for now.

Piano lesson update:

Right now, I’m practicing on my own, learning each note as I play. Last week I played (right hand only) “In the Garden” by Brad Paislely. Last night, with my new set of batteries, I learned two songs, namely, “In Moments like these” and “As the Deer.”

It excites me to be able to read, tho slowly, some notes. I know I have yet to master it but I am glad for the improvements. Someday, when God allows, I want to be able to play for my Lord Jesus. But for now, I’ll just enjoy each new note.

Project Thankful

Making the most out of my extended free time, or at least I’m trying to.

I have been through a lot of waiting periods in the past and I’ve learned that whether you’re waiting for your turn in a line; or for the grades at the end of the semester; or for the Big Reveal after the Bar exams, the feeling is the same.

Right now, I am trying to wait for a job appointment. I have spent the last few months applying for any legal job which will allow me to go home at least once a week. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my family and my home church which is why I prefer to work here.

The thing is, I’ve applied since June and until today, I have not received any call (or text) as to when will I be starting. I thought that I could easily AND instantly land a job right after I pass the Bar. I had the notion that I’d be starting to earn as soon as I hurdle that exam; which is probably why I signed up and pledged to pay a month’s worth of installment for a TV Monitor at church even before I took the exam! And still not working right now can sometimes be both funny and stressful at times especially when people start asking questions like the great where-do-you-work-now.

I tried to console myself with the idea that PERHAPS the Lord wants me here for something only He knows. And until He reveals that to me, I’ll choose to be patient and enjoy this extended vacay.

So, for the mean time, I am currently taking piano lessons together with other church members and I must say this unfamiliar and difficult journey has helped me await my appointment. Until the next post!


Exciting Stories

Lawyer, finally!

AFTER ALL the crazy knee-bending and intense prayer moments I finally became a Full-fledged member of the Philippine Bar at 24.


I spent my 24th year struggling my way through the Bar Examinations and seeing it through until I reached my first goal. I’ve always said that my end goal is actually to be the best mother in the world. I’ve always seen myself as someone who’d rather wipe butts and change diapers than conquer corporate worlds. And now that I am one dream closer to that life of endless giggles and ice cream dates, I praise my God for all that He has blessed me with.

My journey to lawyerhood was never easy nor conventional, to say the least. And the victory just got even sweeter knowing that I had my friends and church to celebrate it with. If there is one thing the Lord has revealed to me through this miraculous moment, it would be that He’s more than willing and more than able to split seas in order for me to walk right through them. He has lead me to various seas of varying depth and not once did He leave me to drown. And for the uncertain and misty years ahead, I only have to trust Him more! To God be all the Glory!

Just Sayin

Happy many years ahead of us


Through the years, some things just do not change. Like the way you tap your fingers while you sing a song; like how you play with your beard when you try to focus and think; and like how you always buy me that Hershey’s Chocolate bar every time you go to 711.

It’s amazing how you still manage to listen even to my overly repeated stories. And without fail, you always provide me with the warmth I need during rainy days. Perhaps, it could be scary at times knowing you know me too well. You know when I’m tired, irritable, and when I’m hungry. A man who could spell the difference between those seemingly similar sentiments is a keeper!

Life is indeed fun and exciting knowing you’ll always be my partner in everything. As you continue with your internship, just hang in there my love. After all, it only gets better and sweeter, my Hana.


Calligraphy by Dawn

Lettering: A little progress

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about lettering or calligraphy. I never really thought I could do something like this because in the first place, I am not the one who writes in cursive. The first picture below was the FIRST calligraphy item I ever made. I copied this from a pinterest photo I could no longer find. I realized that the key was to identify which side should be thickened. If you’re using a brush or calligraphy pen, this should be easy.


The photo below is one the most recent. I wanna try different styles in writing but what do I know? I cant even afford to get myself into one of those pricey workshops. I know, I can be stingy sometimes, but being jobless can sure make you one. (Laughter)

I can see a little progress over the months of writing. I have come to know how to use a brush pen and I’ve also tried watercolor paintings. Compared to other letterers, I am probably the least. But compared to my previous self, Hey! Not bad!


Since I usually share photos of my works on instagram and facebook, I would usually get requests from friends asking me if I can make them one. Right now, I don’t have any plans of selling. As far as I’m concerned, I enjoy the thrill of just making and sharing them on IG. I’ve also made some of my works as gifts. I’ve given my boyfriend’s dad a couple of my works and I find contentment in the sight of my work being proudly displayed in the walls of his home. I’ve also given one framed work to a Missionary Pastor Tomlinson who was doing a mission in China together with his wife. For me, being able to share the Gospel to some homes and some people, is more than enough. The fact that I’m not getting money out of this doesn’t necessarily mean I am wasting this GOD-GIVEN talent. By sharing some of my works on my social media accounts, I get my friends to read Bible passages. And to me, that’s more than enough.

In whatever craft you’re into, always aim to glorify the Lord. 




Calligraphy by Dawn

Earth has no sorrow heaven cant heal



2 Corinthians 4:8-9 “We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;” There were times I would ask God why does He allow what He allows. Recently, I’ve been thinking about the sudden death of a friend and our pastor who’s suffering from cancer. And it is very moving and encouraging to see our pastor continuing in his faith despite the pain he’s going through. Actually, I painted this when a couple friend of mine got themselves into an accident last 2016 and up to now, the reminder remains the same. When we carry out our ministries and continue to serve the Lord, opposition and hardships may threaten to take away the joy and the peace in us. Sufferings should make us wanna get our strength from the Lord.

Calligraphy by Dawn

Anxiety to Ansaya teh!

I have decided to write about and share some of my calligraphy works here. Just so I have something to look back to should I feel like seeing my progress, if there’s any.



I saw this phrase ‘God turned my anxiety to ansaya teh!’in one of our weekly gatherings at church where this was written on the wall as a decoration. I decided to create a calligraphy item about it using a Gold Ink Brush Pen. Ansaya Teh! is a colloquial phrase which evolved from the Tagalog phrase: Ang saya te! which connote happy time or such a joyous event.