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Calligraphy everywhere and Piano Lessons

What can you say now, Pinterest?


Although I believe this flatlay needs (badly) some serious improvements like better choice of props and lighting, I just cannot stop smiling as I stare at this pretty sight. Thank goodness for rub-on stickers. Got this from NBS. Now I can continue watching movies and endless youtubing of videos, usually clips from the series Friends. From time to time, I look at the laptop cover and smile. I wish I can create something like this using my own handwriting–not that I’m bragging–but I prefer my own strokes. BUT this will definitely do for now.

Piano lesson update:

Right now, I’m practicing on my own, learning each note as I play. Last week I played (right hand only) “In the Garden” by Brad Paislely. Last night, with my new set of batteries, I learned two songs, namely, “In Moments like these” and “As the Deer.”

It excites me to be able to read, tho slowly, some notes. I know I have yet to master it but I am glad for the improvements. Someday, when God allows, I want to be able to play for my Lord Jesus. But for now, I’ll just enjoy each new note.

Exciting Stories

Lawyer, finally!

AFTER ALL the crazy knee-bending and intense prayer moments I finally became a Full-fledged member of the Philippine Bar at 24.


I spent my 24th year struggling my way through the Bar Examinations and seeing it through until I reached my first goal. I’ve always said that my end goal is actually to be the best mother in the world. I’ve always seen myself as someone who’d rather wipe butts and change diapers than conquer corporate worlds. And now that I am one dream closer to that life of endless giggles and ice cream dates, I praise my God for all that He has blessed me with.

My journey to lawyerhood was never easy nor conventional, to say the least. And the victory just got even sweeter knowing that I had my friends and church to celebrate it with. If there is one thing the Lord has revealed to me through this miraculous moment, it would be that He’s more than willing and more than able to split seas in order for me to walk right through them. He has lead me to various seas of varying depth and not once did He leave me to drown. And for the uncertain and misty years ahead, I only have to trust Him more! To God be all the Glory!

Exciting Stories

My August 2, 2015


Today Abert and I had a wonderful time at the church. Just the usual stuff for us– Sunday School (on the Poor Widow’s Mite); Sermon about moving on and keeping forward; Sunday Afternoon dates and study-together sessions; dinner at the Burger King; and study time at home.

Everything was–quite wonderful. Until 11:30 when people started to scream and chaos changed the atmosphere because of a huge fire behind our building. Every tenant in the building quickly wrapped everything they could bring and went out of the building except for me who was still standing there in disbelief. If I could still recall, I was a bit in denial and thought it could never reach our building until I realized everyone’s out of the building but me.. So I grabbed a back pack and grabbed my gadgets and chargers, wallet, Bibles, and a Civil Code with blue highlighter, then locked my unit and went out into safety.

After a while, the fire grew bigger and almost uncontrollable. The fire truck was not yet in the scene, everyone’s shouting, some cursing, some crying as they look at their houses taken by a huge orange flame. I can basically feel  the heat across the building where I was; holding a codal book on one hand and texting Abert, asking for help, on the other.

Sounds of siren were coming, everything was a blur, people were running to and from their burned houses– bringing appliances and stuff they were able to save that night.

All I could do at that moment was pray to God, for Him to spare the building, thinking all my law books and reviewers were still there. And when I saw a black smoke coming from the fourth floor, I knew something’s happening up there. It could be a flame, who knows. Then I prayed, if God would allow it, He will always be in control. Then thank God fire men were able to assess the area and everything else was, like they say, history.

Waking up to a new morning, eating my breakfast, I can’t help but recall how I happened to remain intact that night despite all the chaos around me. Thank God nobody died that night although a lot of people lost their houses–but what’s important is we’ll get through this. Lesson learned: Do not panic. If that means singin Amazing grace while waiting for the fire men and for abert to come, then so be it. Thank You Jesus.


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Heart’s Day 2015

A while ago, professor was shuffling cards for daily recitations and each time a student was asked to stay at the podium for his/her daily dose of shock, professor thought it’d be the best time time to ask this question before he’d fire away with questions because ya’know, it’s the day of hearts. So the question was, “What is Love?”

It got everybody thinking for the next 2 to 3 minutes. I think we all thought this was pretty much harder than the real score! I was not one of the lucky few to be called for recits on this special day but I sure did have my answers. To me, love should be a choice you get to make every waking hour. It’s a constant decision we all should make for ourselves. A daily reminder that whatever we have for others should never be based on moody and fleeting emotions. Sometimes, even we feel like hating, we choose to forgive. We choose to smile. We choose to love. That, for me, is love.

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On this year’s day of hearts, abert gave me the most beautiful edible heart I’ve ever seen so far. It was so beautiful it broke my heart to eat it. It tasted like heaven, too. Praise God for continued guidance and mercy. Although we have our share of flaws, we continue to choose to love not just each other but everyone around us. Happy Day of the Hearts, 2015!

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It’s all about meeting the needs.

Hello. I am –. Most of you guys don’t know me by name. When you see me in the mall, you would prolly think, “Ah! She’s the Juice Lady at PAW!” or the “Sandwich Maker.” But seriously though, preparing the food never came easy having to face these kinds of circumstances.

  1. The Increasing Number. Before we start preparing, we count how many heads are we gonna have to feed. Then we start counting the cups to be washed, etc. And then, right before the end of the process, here comes the late comers who come in groups? Yeah? You know, this kind of people makes me happy and worried at the same time. Imagine yourself saying, “Okay, change of plans, not 81 but 94!” Ha! This comes crazy when you’re working with a VERY limited budget. Ha ha ha
  2. Cockroaches Everywhere. I am a little bit of meticulous when it comes to cleanliness I make sure everything we prepare is edible and safe. And so whenever we see flying or crawling cockroaches anywhere near our food, we kill them. So technically, slicing bread isn’t just a walk in the park but a battle to be won. He he he
  3. Re-washing of Re-washed Glasses. Ha ha We do the washing and we let them dry. The cups. And then there are these little ones who come and drink water as often as they breathe? And each time, they use different newly washed cups? Ha ha ha The struggle is real.
  4. Pre-Snack Eater. I don’t know how else to call them but these people come to us and give us cute puppy eyes in exchange for snacks. I mean, how can we resist them?
  5. Triple Snack and Bring Home People. Ha ha ha As you all know, we count the heads not the mouths. So one sandwich usually for one head, right? But there are these little ones who eat more food than they should. So, to make sure everybody gets AT LEAST ONE, we do extras and allowances for these beloved people.

Don’t get me or us wrong. We love to serve JESUS by serving all of you. And don’t ever change. If you find yourself belonging to category number 1, 3, 4, or 5, please stay the same. Hahaha You guys could never imagine the best lessons I personally learned from you. That is, to always be prepared, have extras, and make sure you get that homey feeling when you come near the counter. After all, it isn’t about meeting the number; it’s all about meeting the needs. I pray that, each Wednesday Night, you guys will be filled, not only with God’s beautiful Words, but also with yummy treats. God bless your day!

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New Year Post

Hello 2015! Today I am grateful I get to write my first post for the new year.. I love this place. This is where I sometimes dream about doing things and going places. And this is where I see them all come true.

Second quarter of 2014 was filled with children’s ministry and series of crusades. First semester of my third year in Law School went so fast I prolly enjoyed most of it. Last quarter of 2014 I begun the journey of travelling places and trying out the adventures of life.

This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special. Kidding. I think I still cant get enough of Christmas jingles. Anyway, yes, this year, I thought of making bigger things, going places I’d never think of going during lucidity, and maybe trying out new hobbies that will actually last.

New year celebrations in my family has become color coded for the past few years. I will definitely blog about it next time. For now, we thought Blue might be awesome so we wore exactly same shirts in welcoming 2015. Brother said we try this pose: Look Up Pose but right before the flash,


He is tries to play tricks.

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anti-fringe movement

Happiness overload: not that I am actually jumping right now but because I have chosen to be happy today. Gone all the bitterness and irritation in the world!

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Sometimes great views are hindered by personal reasons. That shouldn’t be. So for today, instead of being hateful and irritated, I choose to be happy! Happiness, is not just a disposition, I suppose. It’s also a matter of choice. And a matter of right. We all should let go of long term insecurities and live life to its fullest. 😀

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Gurl, you should seriously quit all the drama in the world. Taylor’s right! Haters gonna hate. Players gonna play. I’m just gonna shake shake shake that frappe AND COLLECT STICKERSSS!!!! Hi hi hi

 And speaking of ice blended frappes, Abert and I are busy collecting these stickers from Seattle’s Best Coffee just to get their planner. We are imploring deceit here by convincing some of our friends to have frappe amid the typhoon Ruby last week. Hi hi hi Hashtag Desperate.


And I have decided to jump into a sudden impulse of cutting my hair for some fringes that until now I am still in the stage of regret. We should never read articles from Women’s Health in the middle of the night, when we’re bored, with scissors beside us. Never!