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Happy many years ahead of us


Through the years, some things just do not change. Like the way you tap your fingers while you sing a song; like how you play with your beard when you try to focus and think; and like how you always buy me that Hershey’s Chocolate bar every time you go to 711.

It’s amazing how you still manage to listen even to my overly repeated stories. And without fail, you always provide me with the warmth I need during rainy days. Perhaps, it could be scary at times knowing you know me too well. You know when I’m tired, irritable, and when I’m hungry. A man who could spell the difference between those seemingly similar sentiments is a keeper!

Life is indeed fun and exciting knowing you’ll always be my partner in everything. As you continue with your internship, just hang in there my love. After all, it only gets better and sweeter, my Hana.


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Guess what?

All grades are in and I am finally moving on to fourth year– Praise Jesus! The struggle since my first year until the last semester of my third year was indeed real that crying out and beseeching for God’s intervention has been the mantra. Hehe It seemed so impossible at first, having to reach immunity, and maintaining grades all at once. The testing of faith was an experience on the anvil, indeed. It was never pleasant. But it must be experienced rather than avoided.

Wow. I have crossed so many bridges–each semester I consider them to be bridges I have to cross to get to another mountain. And I must admit, I could not have done any of these if it were not for Jesus. More than a Father and Lord, He has always (and I say, ALWAYS) been my companion more than anyone. In my daily walks, and study days, He has been my study buddy. In times of recits, He’s been there holding my hands. He is so real I am glad and thankful I get to have Him despite my being undeserving.

Writing this post, I don’t intent to do editing and cutting. I wanna write as if I am talking to Jesus; never minding the coherence test and right choice of words. So future self, be lenient ok? 😛

Thank You Jesus! Thank You!! Nobody else deserves my thanks because until now, I am still flabbergasted. I look up to the heavens and smile, and whisper: I know that was You, God. Thank You!


Photo by Albert.

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Room Tour: Study Corner

Welcome to my little cornered world (where I often daydream than study)!


On my table, I have three empty (recycled) plastic cups from Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. I am not a huge fan of Seattle’s Best but because of this recent drive for a planner, I get a daily dose of their ice blended and milkshakes. Which I don’t really mind. I wanted to clear the clutter so I decided to just keep at least three books: my Pink and Black Mini Bibles, both were given by mom, and My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers which I have not finished yet ever since I bought it two years ago. Tsk.

I am loving my shiny black pouch (thanks ate ofelia) where I put my sticky notes, post-its, and other markers. Helps a lot in organizing things. And a sachet of instant coffee for the night.

And when I turned on the lights… Ready for the best Christmas-sy feeling ever!!

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You fought hard, Ma’am.

There’s this sad thing about having to go without even saying goodbye. I wish we could have done that–saying goodbyes.  But as I see it, I never even made time to say hello. And it’s too late.

I could have thanked you for teaching me how to love even the unlovable–like loving science. I think even up to now, I always am proud of how, at some point in my life, I actually memorized, mastered by heart, and understood advance chemistry simply because you were my teacher. You will always be the best science teacher ever!

So here I am crying in secret, I can’t even finish this post. Thinking how precious the memories become now that they are the only things I can remember you by. Until the end, you fought hard. So hard and strong, you’ve always lived up to your name–Irong– which we fondly call, Ma’am Iron-G. And that is yet another lesson we all have to learn.

Farewell, ma’am! It’s time for you to rest.


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Rant #123456789

Less than 3 hours before my exam in a subject I really wish I love (Taxation) and I suddenly want some donuts.

This semester is about to end we only have one more week for the finals and after that, it’ll be time to just wait on the Lord–for the grades. Ha! This is not my favorite situation, having to juggle up trust issues and hard work. But i bet God brings us to these areas where He allows our faith to broaden and increase in measure. I learn amazing lessons while I am in the agony of waiting upon the Lord. Like how to be content and patient, resting every case on His power. In my personal time with God, I usually rant why I lack in faith and all that but then He delights in our honesty and gives us the peace that goes beyond our understanding. In times like these, I AM UBERLY GRATEFUL TO HAVE AN AWESOME GOD LIKE HIM!

Praise the Lord for that!


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Wrapping a gift box perfectly

He had a perfectly wrapped gift today (at least for my standards). Albert loves getting (and giving) wonderfully wrapped presents. The kind where extra effort can actually be seen by just looking at them. This is seriously ironic bec as far as I know, he doesn’t know much about wrapping gifts (not even his sandwich). But this irony cracks me up each time.

So yesterday, I wrapped his gift perfectly. Maybe not so perfect but it was good enough for him! 😉 I used gift wrappers and some recycled ribbon. I also printed out a photo quote by Christopher Robin which says:

promise me you will always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, & smarter than you think.


lately, I have been into crafts and cooking. I wish I can do more of these during the Holidays, and hopefully get some money out of it.

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Trivia > Secret Celebration

One time, when we celebrated our Nth-something monthsary, we both wanted to celebrate it with some of our friends. The problem is, we’re both too shy to even tell them what’s the fuss about. So we brought a piece of cake to the church and shared it with every one else.


I could no longer recall how we avoided answering their questions. But we succeeded in not telling them.

I am thankful for that memory.