Short Story

When all’s been said and done


The funny thing is I collected all the Starbucks Stickers for the 2017 Planner and actually bought (well, asked my mom to buy me one) a Navi 2017 Planner. Now, I have two cool and pretty planners and I’m not even at law school anymore! Not that I miss being that Starbucks squatter with her books and colored pens. It’s just that I haven’t figured out yet how to go about with the 2 planner thing outside busy-zone.

Currently, I have kept a list which my friends call “After the Bar” which contains all the stuff we’re supposed to do or we wanna do right after the Bar. These were the things we would’ve done had it not been for that guilt and the pile of backlogs we had. It’s supposed to motivate us and excite us for the long break ahead. Just to keep us on the track towards materializing all the life goals we never realized we had until we had to come up with the list: like solo travel, drive, get passports and visas, learn how to bake (or cook, whichever!) earn money, get a job, marry, have kids or just knit.

But the thing is, since that Monday right after the last Sunday of the 2016 Bar, I had only been to malls and watched Friends. Now, I’m still on its 3rd season. I can’t believe Friends went on for like 10 seasons! that’s like 10 years! Not to mention I have to watch Harry Potter 1 to 7 or 8 or whatever just in case I get to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire and not look idiot when asked about harry or hermione or gandalf. Wait, is gandalf in the potter series? or somewhere else? Plus I wanna start or restart with this blogging thing. Not that I have readers or what but it’s fun to reread previous posts and correct my own grammar or actually be reminded of what has been. So consider this post as a Step 1 for the blogging goals. I’m thinking maybe I should start on a different theme like, travel blogging or crafts but I’m too lazy for that. So for now, Hello Break! ooo Merry Christmas!

Short Story

SS: The Choice

“One more episode,” she said. As the white slanted arrow was heading on to the other file, her eyes were directed towards a post it note on her bathroom door, saying, “Every Second Counts.” A battle staged within her whether to give in or not. Her mind cannot decide. She gazed upon her open window trying to look for answers. “It’s a beautiful day,” she sighed. Then a sudden resolution came up on her as she leaned back on her folded pillows. Today’s too beautiful to be wasted. Every Second Counts.

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Short Story

SS: Monday Afternoon

IMG_1095“On a hot Monday afternoon, her soul screamed for a cup of ice cream but she got herself a glass of water instead. On the edge of her bed facing the window, staring blankly into the ruins of the recent fire, she decided to grab a book under her bed and turned to where her instax film was and suddenly realized she left it there for too long now. Re-reading again the pages, she again thought of how nice a cuppa ice cream would be. But the lazy afternoon ray hit her and decided to take a short nap instead.”

Exciting Stories

My August 2, 2015


Today Abert and I had a wonderful time at the church. Just the usual stuff for us– Sunday School (on the Poor Widow’s Mite); Sermon about moving on and keeping forward; Sunday Afternoon dates and study-together sessions; dinner at the Burger King; and study time at home.

Everything was–quite wonderful. Until 11:30 when people started to scream and chaos changed the atmosphere because of a huge fire behind our building. Every tenant in the building quickly wrapped everything they could bring and went out of the building except for me who was still standing there in disbelief. If I could still recall, I was a bit in denial and thought it could never reach our building until I realized everyone’s out of the building but me.. So I grabbed a back pack and grabbed my gadgets and chargers, wallet, Bibles, and a Civil Code with blue highlighter, then locked my unit and went out into safety.

After a while, the fire grew bigger and almost uncontrollable. The fire truck was not yet in the scene, everyone’s shouting, some cursing, some crying as they look at their houses taken by a huge orange flame. I can basically feel  the heat across the building where I was; holding a codal book on one hand and texting Abert, asking for help, on the other.

Sounds of siren were coming, everything was a blur, people were running to and from their burned houses– bringing appliances and stuff they were able to save that night.

All I could do at that moment was pray to God, for Him to spare the building, thinking all my law books and reviewers were still there. And when I saw a black smoke coming from the fourth floor, I knew something’s happening up there. It could be a flame, who knows. Then I prayed, if God would allow it, He will always be in control. Then thank God fire men were able to assess the area and everything else was, like they say, history.

Waking up to a new morning, eating my breakfast, I can’t help but recall how I happened to remain intact that night despite all the chaos around me. Thank God nobody died that night although a lot of people lost their houses–but what’s important is we’ll get through this. Lesson learned: Do not panic. If that means singin Amazing grace while waiting for the fire men and for abert to come, then so be it. Thank You Jesus.



Thoughts on school, hobbies, and some irrelevant things

Summer is over–for a while now–and I am juggling up review classes and regular ones, together with sunday school duties and my latest fancy over the local kathniel. H h h

Writing a post as often as I want to can sometimes be close to impossible. Despite the fact that I really want to do the things that I love everyday (which by the way includes–blogging; calligraphy; cooking), I end up doing nothing at all.

I am about to turn 23 this July and I want to look back to my 22nd year and say, Hey looks like we made it; look how far we’ve come my baby–kidding! Okay, maybe  a part of does not want to turn 23 just yet. But honestly, I want my future self to know that my 22nd year-old self learned how to prioritize (finally) things and how to wait for the perfect time to make things happen. I have casually taken breaks from dreaming about weddings and having kids. I have plunged just a little bit into reality where I NEED to finish law school first and foremost before dreaming on travelling around the globe. Needless to say, I have drawn myself back to earth for about just a smidgen. And Hooray for that!

Today’s a Saturday morning when I should be enjoying a hot cuppa coffee while burying my face under my pillows listening to Jesus Culture. But that is not the case. I have yet to read 25 cases in Provisional Remedies; write the entire Rule 57; and Read a few more hundred pages for the recitations. Plus, here I am–trying to update my famous blog which has zero readers–except for my future self. Okay, srsly, I have to go back to reading.


HOBBY: Calligraphy

I enjoy writing words and making beautiful pictures out of them. Experts on this kind of stuff call it Calligraphy

To be honest, I have come to know how to do it before I’ve actually known how is it called. 😜 And to me, it’s more than a hobby. I find it as a unique way of expressing how I sometimes feel towards God. Or how a certain Bible Verse impacts me, for example. 

I seldom write about song lyric or poem because I am not so into peotry–really. Besides, quotes nowadays are beautifull written (already) on pinterest. 😜 

Today, I have written something that exactly depicts how I really feel about passing third year. Some people say, studying your heart out will make anything possible. But for me, I probably cried out to God more than I actually studied. If you’re my classmate or my boyfriend, you’d completely understand why it has been sooo freakin hard to have reached this stage. God knows how many talks we had for the past three years. He he he 

And now that we all will move to the moot court– I say:


Just Sayin

Guess what?

All grades are in and I am finally moving on to fourth year– Praise Jesus! The struggle since my first year until the last semester of my third year was indeed real that crying out and beseeching for God’s intervention has been the mantra. Hehe It seemed so impossible at first, having to reach immunity, and maintaining grades all at once. The testing of faith was an experience on the anvil, indeed. It was never pleasant. But it must be experienced rather than avoided.

Wow. I have crossed so many bridges–each semester I consider them to be bridges I have to cross to get to another mountain. And I must admit, I could not have done any of these if it were not for Jesus. More than a Father and Lord, He has always (and I say, ALWAYS) been my companion more than anyone. In my daily walks, and study days, He has been my study buddy. In times of recits, He’s been there holding my hands. He is so real I am glad and thankful I get to have Him despite my being undeserving.

Writing this post, I don’t intent to do editing and cutting. I wanna write as if I am talking to Jesus; never minding the coherence test and right choice of words. So future self, be lenient ok? 😛

Thank You Jesus! Thank You!! Nobody else deserves my thanks because until now, I am still flabbergasted. I look up to the heavens and smile, and whisper: I know that was You, God. Thank You!


Photo by Albert.