This isn’t for my readers, supposing I have some. Rather, this is mainly for my future self—the 10 year older dawn, the one I can’t seem to get a hold of coz she seems to always be years ahead of me—for her to re-read, edit, laugh at, and hopefully for her to be reminded of the great what-has-been. Always praying that you remain in the faith, grounded in Jesus Christ.






11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for subscribing my blog and nice to meet you here on WP. Looking forward to reading your written talks 🙂 All the best to you. happy blogging! 😉

  2. I shall be thankful to you if you clarify your personal concept of Jesus Christ. Please either ACCEPT or REJECT following mainstream Christian definition of Jesus Christ: “Jesus is second member of Triune God (Word Trinity or Triune God is absent in Bible), Son of first part of Triune God (Jesus is Son of father only, not Son of Son and is not Son of Holy Spirit), but also “fully” God in every respect (Jesus of Bible claims to be a “full” man and Son of Adam).Thanks…… your blog is nice … Welcome to my blog, get some downloads on travel and tour:

    1. Mushtaqtariq, let me state it simply. My Lord is Jesus Christ, He is The God who came to earth to be a 100% man (so he feels every bit of feeling we have) to die on the cross and save us from our sins. Such a thing, I may never fathom His works, but to me is wonderful and marvelous that He chose to overcome the grave to save us. Let me know if this comment isn’t clear enough. I’ll be glad to welcome questions! God bless!

  3. No, your comment is not clear enough. You did not answer what I ask to keep truth separate from false. Thank you so much for reply. I have talked with several Christians already. Believe me, I never found a Christian who could deny following three part definition of Jesus Christ: (i) Second member of Triune God (ii) Son of first part of Triune God (iii) Also “fully” God in every respect. Please tell me do you believe in all (i), (ii) and (iii)? Do you ACCEPT or REJECT this Christian Definition of Jesus Christ? By either accepting or rejecting it, you are either accepting or rejecting truth and false. If not, then I shall conclude that you do not want to keep separate truth from false, rather want to mix truth with false. Thanks for your kind consideration in search of truth & false about Jesus Christ.

    1. Okay. I shall make it clearer then. I believe in the Holy Trinity, if that’s what you mean. Jesus Christ is the Son of the Father, and a 100% God. When He came here in the world, He became a 100% man, CONCURRENT to His being a 100% God. Jesus Christ is a ‘fully’ God in every respect, nothing less than His being God. In fact, no other gods greater than Christ.

      1. So are you also among those Christian who refuse to deny Christian Definition of Jesus (May he be blessed forever) and with whom I stopped talking? I am sorry. I am not asking from you Christian Theology, Definition of Trinity or philosophy behind sacrifice and death of full God and full man Jesus Christ (May he be blessed, I have great respect for Jesus in my heart). Trinity or sacrifice method or sacrifice purpose is NOT my Question. My Question is also not explanation of Jesus (May he be blessed forever), but DEFINITION of Jesus Christ (May he be blessed forever). Just create courage to Say YES or NO to Christian Definition of Jesus Christ: (i) Second member of Triune God (Yes/No?) (ii) Son of first part of Triune God (Yes/No?) (iii) Also “fully” God in every respect (Yes/No?)
        These three parts of definition are NOT separate from each other. You cannot ignore one of them and reply two of them in your explanations details. So, I need three “Yes” or “No”; written with (i), (ii) and (iii). AFTER REPLYING THREE YES OR NO, I SHALL HAVE NO OBJECTION ON DETAILS THAT YOU WANT TO PUT FORWARD, I SHALL WELCOME YOUR ALL EXPLANATIONS BEHIND YOUR YES OR NO. If you do it, I shall be pleased that you have courage to identify truth from false. You will be the first Christian in my life that I find to accept or reject truth from false. Please do it.

  4. Christianity is the Largest religion of the World. Jesus (May he be blessed forever) has the largest number of follower in the World. I have great respect for him in my heart. Please! Just create courage to Say YES or NO to separate truth from false. The Christian Definition of Jesus Christ (May he be blessed forever): (i) Second member of Triune God (Yes/No?) (ii) Son of first part of Triune God (Yes/No?) (iii) Also “fully” God in every respect (Yes/No?)
    I shall be thankful to you.

    1. I cannot understand why you cant/dont understand what I have said above. Truly, if you have a searching heart, the Holy Spirit will help you understand and realize that in actuality, I HAVE ALREADY ANSWERED every query you have. I just refused to accede to your use of words. I rather explain my side using my own terms to refrain from any doubts and issues. I appreciate your comments and clarifications but not to the extent of totally agreeing with you and having to answer your questions over and over again. If it wasn’t clear for you, I am sorry. I will not tolerate anymore of this. Please, let this be the end. Thanks.

    1. Wooowwww!!! That’s cool like COOL. thank you so much!! How can I check nominations? Ha ha ha, forgive me, I am not so oriented with awards and nominations, clearly. Ha ha ha! BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am praising God with this wonderful blessing. You’re so thoughtful. 🙂

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