Calligraphy by Dawn

Lettering: A little progress

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about lettering or calligraphy. I never really thought I could do something like this because in the first place, I am not the one who writes in cursive. The first picture below was the FIRST calligraphy item I ever made. I copied this from a pinterest photo I could no longer find. I realized that the key was to identify which side should be thickened. If you’re using a brush or calligraphy pen, this should be easy.


The photo below is one the most recent. I wanna try different styles in writing but what do I know? I cant even afford to get myself into one of those pricey workshops. I know, I can be stingy sometimes, but being jobless can sure make you one. (Laughter)

I can see a little progress over the months of writing. I have come to know how to use a brush pen and I’ve also tried watercolor paintings. Compared to other letterers, I am probably the least. But compared to my previous self, Hey! Not bad!


Since I usually share photos of my works on instagram and facebook, I would usually get requests from friends asking me if I can make them one. Right now, I don’t have any plans of selling. As far as I’m concerned, I enjoy the thrill of just making and sharing them on IG. I’ve also made some of my works as gifts. I’ve given my boyfriend’s dad a couple of my works and I find contentment in the sight of my work being proudly displayed in the walls of his home. I’ve also given one framed work to a Missionary Pastor Tomlinson who was doing a mission in China together with his wife. For me, being able to share the Gospel to some homes and some people, is more than enough. The fact that I’m not getting money out of this doesn’t necessarily mean I am wasting this GOD-GIVEN talent. By sharing some of my works on my social media accounts, I get my friends to read Bible passages. And to me, that’s more than enough.

In whatever craft you’re into, always aim to glorify the Lord. 




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DIY: Homemade is the best!

This is inspired by Ashley. She’s a follower of Christ (the reason why I follow her blog besides FireCracker) and a really nice photographer. Her creativity inspires me so much that I tried to recreate her Responsibility Pins but mine is a lot simpler than hers so don’t compare, okay? LOL

I call it, The Motivation Board. Founded on the Bible Verse, Philippians 4:13.


This is Abert’s life verse but that’s not the reason why I chose it. The truth is, I want to be reminded everytime I look at this board that Christ will enable and empower me to do greater and mighty things for Him!

Here’s how it works. At the start of each day, all labeled pins are clipped at the bottom. For each task completed, you slowly transfer them to the top. The more clips at the top, the more productive you are! 🙂

Basic things you need:


You can follow your instincts when it comes to art. Imperfection is beauty. No need to bother yourself with the right measurements, color combinations, etc. Be your own boss!

The labels are subjects in Law school that I must devote time to, daily. Others are my routine like laundry and groceries.

I also put there, T. A. G. which means, Time Alone with God. Aaand to motivate myself to memorize a verse each day, I added it there too! 🙂

You can put as many things you want, like read, jog, exercise, diet, gym, etc. Be creative and sponty. Like I said, be your own boss when it comes to art! 🙂

God bless! Enjoy!