Short Story

SS: The Choice

“One more episode,” she said. As the white slanted arrow was heading on to the other file, her eyes were directed towards a post it note on her bathroom door, saying, “Every Second Counts.” A battle staged within her whether to give in or not. Her mind cannot decide. She gazed upon her open window trying to look for answers. “It’s a beautiful day,” she sighed. Then a sudden resolution came up on her as she leaned back on her folded pillows. Today’s too beautiful to be wasted. Every Second Counts.

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Exciting Stories

Heart’s Day 2015

A while ago, professor was shuffling cards for daily recitations and each time a student was asked to stay at the podium for his/her daily dose of shock, professor thought it’d be the best time time to ask this question before he’d fire away with questions because ya’know, it’s the day of hearts. So the question was, “What is Love?”

It got everybody thinking for the next 2 to 3 minutes. I think we all thought this was pretty much harder than the real score! I was not one of the lucky few to be called for recits on this special day but I sure did have my answers. To me, love should be a choice you get to make every waking hour. It’s a constant decision we all should make for ourselves. A daily reminder that whatever we have for others should never be based on moody and fleeting emotions. Sometimes, even we feel like hating, we choose to forgive. We choose to smile. We choose to love. That, for me, is love.

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On this year’s day of hearts, abert gave me the most beautiful edible heart I’ve ever seen so far. It was so beautiful it broke my heart to eat it. It tasted like heaven, too. Praise God for continued guidance and mercy. Although we have our share of flaws, we continue to choose to love not just each other but everyone around us. Happy Day of the Hearts, 2015!

Project Cherish Your Struggle

Beautiful year with the Beautiful God ahead of us

Good morning myself who’s currently 22. You have just hurdled the Midterm Exams of three, again three, commercial and banking law subjects! I personally think that’s a milestone that’s worth celebrating.

Today, I wanna remind my future self that a portion of her being 22 was spent with kids at church by teaching at Sunday School. Last break, I asked mom if she still had the book she used when she was our Teacher at church. Thank goodness for general cleaning and organizing. She found this.

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I look at it today thinking how did this happen? I used to be the eager six year old student who brings her spring notebook and sparkling pen to Sunday School looking at mom reading every story from this book, little did I know that 15 or 16 years later, I’m gonna use the same material to teach other kids.

Today, right at this moment where I am listening to TobyMac writing this post, I am just grateful for what Jesus has been doing in my life. I am at my happiest now. With all the law school stress, growing love relationship with Albert, Sunday School teaching and learning, wonderful family problems that remind me of an awesome clan, beautiful friends who spread love like fire, and hopefully an exciting journey to a new hair next week. Ha ha ha I shouldn’t probably mentioned that.

But Yeah, with everybody claiming 2015 to be their year, I say 2015 is God’s year to make each of us better. Continue to cherish every struggle you are in right now and pray for strength and renewed joy as well. It is Jesus’ effective way of shaping us for the future He prepared for us.

Thank God I am struggling!! Believe me, I am saying this with zero sarcasm. Thank You Jesus!!

See the World!

Seeing Panglao

Thanks to the people who bought all the plane tickets in the world, I finally had the best excuse to visit Bohol just for me to reach home. Who would have thought I could immediately start my travelling goal right after writing a post about starting a travel fund?

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Although the original plan was to try Danao, Bohol’s Extreme Adventure Tour, I think just the thought of having to ride a habal-habal alone thru quiet mountains scared me more than the actual 60 meter jump off the cliff! Ha ha ha This is what criminal law cases on rape will do you. So the coward dawn decided to go to Panglao, instead. I thought maybe the road to Panglao would be a bit safer for a loner like me.

Thank goodness Alona Beach Resort doesn’t ask for entrance fees. Finding a pretty place to have lunch was easy because of the choices around. I tried The Buzzz Cafe (yes, that’s tripple z) where I finally had access to instagram and posted a couple of photos just to let family and friends know that I am still very much alive and apparently, hungry. They have a very beautiful place, though not air-conditioned, but hey, the beach afront offers fresh air!

At the end of the day, I thank God for the safety and for the chance to meet and greet around 10 new people. I learned a lot from this travel. Until the next travel opportunity!


See the World!

To Travel

I wasn’t really born to travel. Although when I was little, mommy and lola would tour me every year in Cebu, travelling has never really became a hobby nor a passion. Actually, I kind of, grew up hating road trips due to seasickness.

Until I reached this stage when I started to realize maybe I am missing out on life’s great adventures simply because I refuse to see the skies from different angles. So I just woke up one day and felt like traveling, no joke.

To officially set one foot ahead of the other, I have started saving up for a travel fund. To grow this savings, I have resorted to tactics like giving up french vanilla latte from Starbucks. I refused to buy unnecessary things and started to buy things not because of their discounted price but because of sheer necessity.

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To keep me motivated, I decided to really make an alkansya from recycled plastic and some cute stickers. P 50 bill today, who knows? Maybe South Korea in the near future?

Just Sayin

Room Tour: Study Corner

Welcome to my little cornered world (where I often daydream than study)!


On my table, I have three empty (recycled) plastic cups from Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. I am not a huge fan of Seattle’s Best but because of this recent drive for a planner, I get a daily dose of their ice blended and milkshakes. Which I don’t really mind. I wanted to clear the clutter so I decided to just keep at least three books: my Pink and Black Mini Bibles, both were given by mom, and My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers which I have not finished yet ever since I bought it two years ago. Tsk.

I am loving my shiny black pouch (thanks ate ofelia) where I put my sticky notes, post-its, and other markers. Helps a lot in organizing things. And a sachet of instant coffee for the night.

And when I turned on the lights… Ready for the best Christmas-sy feeling ever!!

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Dawn Talks (Series), Exciting Stories

anti-fringe movement

Happiness overload: not that I am actually jumping right now but because I have chosen to be happy today. Gone all the bitterness and irritation in the world!

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Sometimes great views are hindered by personal reasons. That shouldn’t be. So for today, instead of being hateful and irritated, I choose to be happy! Happiness, is not just a disposition, I suppose. It’s also a matter of choice. And a matter of right. We all should let go of long term insecurities and live life to its fullest. 😀

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Gurl, you should seriously quit all the drama in the world. Taylor’s right! Haters gonna hate. Players gonna play. I’m just gonna shake shake shake that frappe AND COLLECT STICKERSSS!!!! Hi hi hi

 And speaking of ice blended frappes, Abert and I are busy collecting these stickers from Seattle’s Best Coffee just to get their planner. We are imploring deceit here by convincing some of our friends to have frappe amid the typhoon Ruby last week. Hi hi hi Hashtag Desperate.


And I have decided to jump into a sudden impulse of cutting my hair for some fringes that until now I am still in the stage of regret. We should never read articles from Women’s Health in the middle of the night, when we’re bored, with scissors beside us. Never!