Short Story

SS: The Choice

“One more episode,” she said. As the white slanted arrow was heading on to the other file, her eyes were directed towards a post it note on her bathroom door, saying, “Every Second Counts.” A battle staged within her whether to give in or not. Her mind cannot decide. She gazed upon her open window trying to look for answers. “It’s a beautiful day,” she sighed. Then a sudden resolution came up on her as she leaned back on her folded pillows. Today’s too beautiful to be wasted. Every Second Counts.

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anti-fringe movement

Happiness overload: not that I am actually jumping right now but because I have chosen to be happy today. Gone all the bitterness and irritation in the world!

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Sometimes great views are hindered by personal reasons. That shouldn’t be. So for today, instead of being hateful and irritated, I choose to be happy! Happiness, is not just a disposition, I suppose. It’s also a matter of choice. And a matter of right. We all should let go of long term insecurities and live life to its fullest. 😀

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Gurl, you should seriously quit all the drama in the world. Taylor’s right! Haters gonna hate. Players gonna play. I’m just gonna shake shake shake that frappe AND COLLECT STICKERSSS!!!! Hi hi hi

 And speaking of ice blended frappes, Abert and I are busy collecting these stickers from Seattle’s Best Coffee just to get their planner. We are imploring deceit here by convincing some of our friends to have frappe amid the typhoon Ruby last week. Hi hi hi Hashtag Desperate.


And I have decided to jump into a sudden impulse of cutting my hair for some fringes that until now I am still in the stage of regret. We should never read articles from Women’s Health in the middle of the night, when we’re bored, with scissors beside us. Never!


Exciting Stories

in with the old

I have this habit of keeping old stuff, treating them as if they are old friends; like this old mug from my 18th (thanks Leah Joy). It has my awkward picture on one side and some beautiful quotes from movies I love on the other side.

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I can even show you movie tickets of movies I watched  in college and some old pouches or mini bags I got from people. Dusty, though. When I was in high school, I used to collect empty perfume bottles because I could not find the heart to throw them away as if they are little vessels of some memories I don’t wanna let go of. Silly, I know.

Well maybe you can give me gifts to see if I am still using them, 5 years from now? Merry Christmas!

Dawn Talks (Series), law school

the Reason why dawn talks a lot

Whenever I am alone anywhere, studying, I delight in short pauses where I sit back and talk to God. We talk about almost everything–from annoying people, random rants, to blessings. Sometimes I throw questions at Him like how come He’s never tired of forgiving? Is He some kind of a mercy machine that keeps on going and giving away love for no reason? Sometimes I ask Him silly questions like when will I have kids? Or why is it that my ultimate celebrity crush is so gwapo and the barista at Starbucks isnt. Sometimes, I make it all the way to asking Him why is Taxation so alien and how Labor Professor can sometimes be scary?

Well, i think I enjoy His company more than anyone else’s. His answers to all of questions most of the time leave me satisfied and dumbfounded. This morning at the church He said something about faith and peace. Just what I needed having to go thru Finals Week and Hectic study schedules I seldom follow.

Why should I fear man, when YOU made the heavens?
Why should I be afraid when YOU put the stars in place?
And why should I give up when YOUR plans are full of love

And the refrain:

In this world we will have troubles, but YOU have overcome the world!

Ha ha ha Jesus really knows how I am feeling each time I look at my calendar colored and filled with to do lists. Fear, anxiety, restlessness and such. But as He promised: Philippians 1:6

And for whatever it is, I am looking forward to more honest talks with my Ultimate Best Friend. I hope we can do more talking amid the busy sched ahead!

PS. He told me He wants to talk to you too! 🙂