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Happy many years ahead of us


Through the years, some things just do not change. Like the way you tap your fingers while you sing a song; like how you play with your beard when you try to focus and think; and like how you always buy me that Hershey’s Chocolate bar every time you go to 711.

It’s amazing how you still manage to listen even to my overly repeated stories. And without fail, you always provide me with the warmth I need during rainy days. Perhaps, it could be scary at times knowing you know me too well. You know when I’m tired, irritable, and when I’m hungry. A man who could spell the difference between those seemingly similar sentiments is a keeper!

Life is indeed fun and exciting knowing you’ll always be my partner in everything. As you continue with your internship, just hang in there my love. After all, it only gets better and sweeter, my Hana.


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New Year Post

Hello 2015! Today I am grateful I get to write my first post for the new year.. I love this place. This is where I sometimes dream about doing things and going places. And this is where I see them all come true.

Second quarter of 2014 was filled with children’s ministry and series of crusades. First semester of my third year in Law School went so fast I prolly enjoyed most of it. Last quarter of 2014 I begun the journey of travelling places and trying out the adventures of life.

This year, to save me from tears, I’ll give it to someone special. Kidding. I think I still cant get enough of Christmas jingles. Anyway, yes, this year, I thought of making bigger things, going places I’d never think of going during lucidity, and maybe trying out new hobbies that will actually last.

New year celebrations in my family has become color coded for the past few years. I will definitely blog about it next time. For now, we thought Blue might be awesome so we wore exactly same shirts in welcoming 2015. Brother said we try this pose: Look Up Pose but right before the flash,


He is tries to play tricks.

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anti-fringe movement

Happiness overload: not that I am actually jumping right now but because I have chosen to be happy today. Gone all the bitterness and irritation in the world!

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Sometimes great views are hindered by personal reasons. That shouldn’t be. So for today, instead of being hateful and irritated, I choose to be happy! Happiness, is not just a disposition, I suppose. It’s also a matter of choice. And a matter of right. We all should let go of long term insecurities and live life to its fullest. 😀

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Gurl, you should seriously quit all the drama in the world. Taylor’s right! Haters gonna hate. Players gonna play. I’m just gonna shake shake shake that frappe AND COLLECT STICKERSSS!!!! Hi hi hi

 And speaking of ice blended frappes, Abert and I are busy collecting these stickers from Seattle’s Best Coffee just to get their planner. We are imploring deceit here by convincing some of our friends to have frappe amid the typhoon Ruby last week. Hi hi hi Hashtag Desperate.


And I have decided to jump into a sudden impulse of cutting my hair for some fringes that until now I am still in the stage of regret. We should never read articles from Women’s Health in the middle of the night, when we’re bored, with scissors beside us. Never!


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Lesson learned

Amazing thing about teaching kids at church is that I become the no. 1 student.

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There’s this sudden compelling force to read the passage and know the story very well; a venue to memorize one verse a week! and of course an instance where I can fully apply what I usually teach them– saying thanks and sorry whenever you have to.

Right now, I just moved in to a new apartment. And this is my favorite corner, where I usually have my thoughts gathered make probably life changing decisions! (That is, to do laundry now or later? Ha ha ha) while eating grapes.

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xo xo xo xo

Dawn Talks (Series), law school

Dawntalks about: Law School

I like to say that I wished taking up Law would be like nail polishing–fun and easy, but it was not.

The first attempt was taking up the almost impossible Law Admissions Exams. Then the next hard thing was overcoming my first oral exams. Then comes the hardest part of all: maintaining a reading habit. Reading piled cases and ugly books were just the appetizer and was not even the main dish. At some point, It occurred to me that the main goal was not really to learn the law, but to Survive Law School.

Some people say that taking up Law unmakes your being mortal and differentiates you from all the regular, usual, and normal people.

This somehow made me, most of us, feel good about ourselves but for some point, it made me feel privileged. As I walk my way everyday to school and learn new things, I wished all of us could learn the same thing! It’s quite important to know the law, ya know. Even Article 3 of our New Civil Code tells us that ignorance of the law excuses no one. I laughed at myself, the first time I read this provision because ever since, I really thought it’s nothing but a piece of a quote. So lame.

But anyway, exams came one after another that it seemed to me the months were moving so fast I don’t even have time to breathe! or at least change the color of my nails. I was filled with ‘to-do-lists’ that I forgot a lot of things–like doing groceries, having 8-hour sleeps, enjoying the walk. For the past months, I spent the days, running, sitting down whole day reading, and overdosing myself with coffee.

I tell you, I am not the best among the law students. I am not even the most diligent one. But probably, we all share the same kind of pressure and stress. Back in college, I recalled how often I complained to God about the so many requirements–research papers, reports, and the like. I remembered exactly how I thought I was facing life’s stressful point when I was working on my thesis. But being here changed that. It made me realize that life is not a destination but a continuous journey. Each step you make, creates the character you’ll need. There would always be harder challenges and more difficult decisions to make–but all these help build the person you need to become, once the time is right.

Just because you failed in some areas of your life doesnt give you the reason to stop. It, however, gives you the opportunity to learn from those mistakes so you won’t repeat them.


DPChallege: Nothing beats the red-yellow-green tandem! :-)

What else could beat the tricolors which scream that it’s Mommy-kissing-Santa Season already?!

When this season comes, not just that we fill our places with poinsettias and pine trees, but we learn to love more, forgive more, laugh our more, and give more! And once the jolly songs are played in malls, we also buy more!

You see, these colors are like my favorite baked lasagna topped with the freshest parsley! Or it could be that stuffed pizza I always love; or the colors of that favorite seasoned flowers–poinsettia.

To top it all, Christmas is not just any other season where we celebrate with our families and friends. It’s the time of the year when we remember the most that a God became flesh and dwelt among us to die on the cross and save us from the wages of sins. Perhaps, it’s even the reason why it’s Christ-mas. 🙂

Cheers! Happy Season everyone! 😀