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Lawyer, finally!

AFTER ALL the crazy knee-bending and intense prayer moments I finally became a Full-fledged member of the Philippine Bar at 24.


I spent my 24th year struggling my way through the Bar Examinations and seeing it through until I reached my first goal. I’ve always said that my end goal is actually to be the best mother in the world. I’ve always seen myself as someone who’d rather wipe butts and change diapers than conquer corporate worlds. And now that I am one dream closer to that life of endless giggles and ice cream dates, I praise my God for all that He has blessed me with.

My journey to lawyerhood was never easy nor conventional, to say the least. And the victory just got even sweeter knowing that I had my friends and church to celebrate it with. If there is one thing the Lord has revealed to me through this miraculous moment, it would be that He’s more than willing and more than able to split seas in order for me to walk right through them. He has lead me to various seas of varying depth and not once did He leave me to drown. And for the uncertain and misty years ahead, I only have to trust Him more! To God be all the Glory!

i am not ashamed of JESUS

Hello Summer

Hello there. I have not written a single post for the month of March. Given the Finals Frenzy plus the Personal Stuff going on with family, I really did not have the time to write.

Today, I’ll write about the waiting phase. Third year in Law School is over, thank God, and this is the time of the semester where we wait upon the Lord for good and passing grades. And it’s also the time to cure the pimples which accumulated over the semester. He he he.

Three years–It’s really a long time and a lot has happened over the last years. A lot has changed. From my usual college buddies to law school friends; from shorts and flip-flops to blazers and shoes. I always smile whenever I look back to who I was when I entered the school for an entrance exam. I was the confident fresh college graduate back then and being idealistic was the name of the game.

Three years in law school changed all that. Every bit of self-confidence was somehow replaced with a trusting heart. Ha ha ha. I developed the desire to always find a Reliable Someone I could trust. When the greatest test (during my first semester in Second year) came, all the trusting was paired with crying and strong beseeching. Jesus has really been good to me. He was with me during defeat (First year First Sem) and jumped with me during mountain-top experiences. He is my constant companion. My forever study buddy. My source and portion, forever.

With Jesus on our side, winning became pretty much easier. Giving back all the glory to Jesus for winning the battle for us.



 And while we all wait for our grades– I thank my Jesus for the battle has already won. He gives us the desires of our heart if we seek Him and His will. All by His Grace. Amen.

Exciting Stories

Heart’s Day 2015

A while ago, professor was shuffling cards for daily recitations and each time a student was asked to stay at the podium for his/her daily dose of shock, professor thought it’d be the best time time to ask this question before he’d fire away with questions because ya’know, it’s the day of hearts. So the question was, “What is Love?”

It got everybody thinking for the next 2 to 3 minutes. I think we all thought this was pretty much harder than the real score! I was not one of the lucky few to be called for recits on this special day but I sure did have my answers. To me, love should be a choice you get to make every waking hour. It’s a constant decision we all should make for ourselves. A daily reminder that whatever we have for others should never be based on moody and fleeting emotions. Sometimes, even we feel like hating, we choose to forgive. We choose to smile. We choose to love. That, for me, is love.

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On this year’s day of hearts, abert gave me the most beautiful edible heart I’ve ever seen so far. It was so beautiful it broke my heart to eat it. It tasted like heaven, too. Praise God for continued guidance and mercy. Although we have our share of flaws, we continue to choose to love not just each other but everyone around us. Happy Day of the Hearts, 2015!

Exciting Stories

eye of the storm

There’s that strange calm before the storm which scares me a little. Friends say this is where laziness goes to die. Hello third year! Recitations will start this week and here I am, fancying my newly polished toes.


Albert faces the same kind of thing–Med School. Even if he doesn’t blab about it as often as I do when we’re together, I know he’s struggling too. This common thing may keep us apart most days but it sure keeps us together in some unique way. With these happy struggles we both have, we discover each other’s weakness and strength. We become each other’s cheerers and we always find ways to encourage one another in tough times. Together, we laugh and cry about things. What we have is something I am grateful for.. It’s a different version of LDR, I suppose but I am excited for a brighter future.

For this semester, I thought I won’t be having much time for church activities considering I’ll be having five hebi subjects this sem plus Taxation 2. I know. I thought so too until I realized that was Taxation 1. So hello Taxation 2. Sometimes, I just can’t understand what makes Taxation so comprehensive I have to take it twice.

Currently, I just started having kids at Sunday School and I just said yes to a couple of committees at PAW Nyt. I hope I can find the time to blog about them, soon.

Exciting Stories, Project Thankful

if only the library had eyes

With classes going on, I am forced to go back to my daily routine–afternoons in the library. I can say I really did not miss the place except for the lovely sunsets I get to see from the curtain wall. Besides Christmas, another thing I love about this chilly season is getting more pretty sunsets–the ones that are so orange-y they sometimes make the sky blaze in fire.

Funny thing is, for the entire break, I have been out enjoying the heat of the sun. I think somebody called it, Living in the Sunshine. For a little while, that was my mantra which I did not intend to do literally to avoid serious skin trauma. I just had to enjoy the nothingness in my days. But now that classes have begun, I am (happy and) contented with sunsets.

So, for now, I am just super thankful I can still see the lovely sunset from the library’s curtain wall. The library witnesses this miracle everyday that’s too wonderful it doesn’t deserve a passive nod. If only the library had eyes… Since I do, every time I can, I spend that amazing 2 minutes of my day facing that curtain wall thanking God for that gift I know He purposely made for me.


Dawn Talks (Series), law school

the Reason why dawn talks a lot

Whenever I am alone anywhere, studying, I delight in short pauses where I sit back and talk to God. We talk about almost everything–from annoying people, random rants, to blessings. Sometimes I throw questions at Him like how come He’s never tired of forgiving? Is He some kind of a mercy machine that keeps on going and giving away love for no reason? Sometimes I ask Him silly questions like when will I have kids? Or why is it that my ultimate celebrity crush is so gwapo and the barista at Starbucks isnt. Sometimes, I make it all the way to asking Him why is Taxation so alien and how Labor Professor can sometimes be scary?

Well, i think I enjoy His company more than anyone else’s. His answers to all of questions most of the time leave me satisfied and dumbfounded. This morning at the church He said something about faith and peace. Just what I needed having to go thru Finals Week and Hectic study schedules I seldom follow.

Why should I fear man, when YOU made the heavens?
Why should I be afraid when YOU put the stars in place?
And why should I give up when YOUR plans are full of love

And the refrain:

In this world we will have troubles, but YOU have overcome the world!

Ha ha ha Jesus really knows how I am feeling each time I look at my calendar colored and filled with to do lists. Fear, anxiety, restlessness and such. But as He promised: Philippians 1:6

And for whatever it is, I am looking forward to more honest talks with my Ultimate Best Friend. I hope we can do more talking amid the busy sched ahead!

PS. He told me He wants to talk to you too! 🙂



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Rant #123456789

Less than 3 hours before my exam in a subject I really wish I love (Taxation) and I suddenly want some donuts.

This semester is about to end we only have one more week for the finals and after that, it’ll be time to just wait on the Lord–for the grades. Ha! This is not my favorite situation, having to juggle up trust issues and hard work. But i bet God brings us to these areas where He allows our faith to broaden and increase in measure. I learn amazing lessons while I am in the agony of waiting upon the Lord. Like how to be content and patient, resting every case on His power. In my personal time with God, I usually rant why I lack in faith and all that but then He delights in our honesty and gives us the peace that goes beyond our understanding. In times like these, I AM UBERLY GRATEFUL TO HAVE AN AWESOME GOD LIKE HIM!

Praise the Lord for that!