Calligraphy by Dawn

Lettering: A little progress

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about lettering or calligraphy. I never really thought I could do something like this because in the first place, I am not the one who writes in cursive. The first picture below was the FIRST calligraphy item I ever made. I copied this from a pinterest photo I could no longer find. I realized that the key was to identify which side should be thickened. If you’re using a brush or calligraphy pen, this should be easy.


The photo below is one the most recent. I wanna try different styles in writing but what do I know? I cant even afford to get myself into one of those pricey workshops. I know, I can be stingy sometimes, but being jobless can sure make you one. (Laughter)

I can see a little progress over the months of writing. I have come to know how to use a brush pen and I’ve also tried watercolor paintings. Compared to other letterers, I am probably the least. But compared to my previous self, Hey! Not bad!


Since I usually share photos of my works on instagram and facebook, I would usually get requests from friends asking me if I can make them one. Right now, I don’t have any plans of selling. As far as I’m concerned, I enjoy the thrill of just making and sharing them on IG. I’ve also made some of my works as gifts. I’ve given my boyfriend’s dad a couple of my works and I find contentment in the sight of my work being proudly displayed in the walls of his home. I’ve also given one framed work to a Missionary Pastor Tomlinson who was doing a mission in China together with his wife. For me, being able to share the Gospel to some homes and some people, is more than enough. The fact that I’m not getting money out of this doesn’t necessarily mean I am wasting this GOD-GIVEN talent. By sharing some of my works on my social media accounts, I get my friends to read Bible passages. And to me, that’s more than enough.

In whatever craft you’re into, always aim to glorify the Lord. 




Short Story

SS: The Choice

“One more episode,” she said. As the white slanted arrow was heading on to the other file, her eyes were directed towards a post it note on her bathroom door, saying, “Every Second Counts.” A battle staged within her whether to give in or not. Her mind cannot decide. She gazed upon her open window trying to look for answers. “It’s a beautiful day,” she sighed. Then a sudden resolution came up on her as she leaned back on her folded pillows. Today’s too beautiful to be wasted. Every Second Counts.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Short Story

SS: Monday Afternoon

IMG_1095“On a hot Monday afternoon, her soul screamed for a cup of ice cream but she got herself a glass of water instead. On the edge of her bed facing the window, staring blankly into the ruins of the recent fire, she decided to grab a book under her bed and turned to where her instax film was and suddenly realized she left it there for too long now. Re-reading again the pages, she again thought of how nice a cuppa ice cream would be. But the lazy afternoon ray hit her and decided to take a short nap instead.”

See the World!

Finding my Travel Buddy

I think finding a travel buddy is as important as saving money for travelling. Yes, backpacking on your own has its own perks, but seeing something amazing and having somebody to share it with is a major plus. Like what they always say, nothing is yummier than friends save for friends with chocolates, right?

 IMG_2003 IMG_2005

So, in trying out the Carrascal Extreme Adventure’s 1.1 km Zipline, I had with me as a travel buddy my little brother. Apparently, he enjoyed the ride more than feared the heights. It’s a good thing we did this together. Something that we’ll both look back to and thank God for the wonderful adventure we had.

I think I am more into adventures lately but I am keeping the ambiance of this space–thanking God in all things. Wherever life may take me–whether it be in cooking, travelling, or just in the nearest coffee shop gathering thoughts–I want to write about things that Jesus has blessed me with. I want this place to be a humble reminder of how He brought me into the waves of life and how he managed to get me through all those tossing and splashing.

For now, I am just grateful that before I end my beautiful 2014, I got to do some adventures and spelunking with my little travel buddy. He may not be my constant travel buddy but in times that he is, I am grateful. And to my forever TRAVEL BUDDY ABOVE, Thank You Jesus!

Just Sayin

Room Tour: Study Corner

Welcome to my little cornered world (where I often daydream than study)!


On my table, I have three empty (recycled) plastic cups from Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. I am not a huge fan of Seattle’s Best but because of this recent drive for a planner, I get a daily dose of their ice blended and milkshakes. Which I don’t really mind. I wanted to clear the clutter so I decided to just keep at least three books: my Pink and Black Mini Bibles, both were given by mom, and My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers which I have not finished yet ever since I bought it two years ago. Tsk.

I am loving my shiny black pouch (thanks ate ofelia) where I put my sticky notes, post-its, and other markers. Helps a lot in organizing things. And a sachet of instant coffee for the night.

And when I turned on the lights… Ready for the best Christmas-sy feeling ever!!

IMG_7171 (427x640) IMG_7179 (427x640) IMG_7180 (427x640)

Exciting Stories

in with the old

I have this habit of keeping old stuff, treating them as if they are old friends; like this old mug from my 18th (thanks Leah Joy). It has my awkward picture on one side and some beautiful quotes from movies I love on the other side.

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I can even show you movie tickets of movies I watched  in college and some old pouches or mini bags I got from people. Dusty, though. When I was in high school, I used to collect empty perfume bottles because I could not find the heart to throw them away as if they are little vessels of some memories I don’t wanna let go of. Silly, I know.

Well maybe you can give me gifts to see if I am still using them, 5 years from now? Merry Christmas!

Exciting Stories

The Great Veil Pinner

Define Struggle.


1506595_10204419683469585_3473434500624199355_n (1)

Attended a wedding, dressed up nicely, and surprised to be asked by the organizers if I could be the proxy in pinning the veil. Sponsors were running late so I had to do it.

I could imagine the regret on the organizers’ face when everybody had to wait for probably the longest minute of their lives just because the DAWN could not open the pins. Ha! We should probably do clips, instead. That would have been easier.