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Happy many years ahead of us


Through the years, some things just do not change. Like the way you tap your fingers while you sing a song; like how you play with your beard when you try to focus and think; and like how you always buy me that Hershey’s Chocolate bar every time you go to 711.

It’s amazing how you still manage to listen even to my overly repeated stories. And without fail, you always provide me with the warmth I need during rainy days. Perhaps, it could be scary at times knowing you know me too well. You know when I’m tired, irritable, and when I’m hungry. A man who could spell the difference between those seemingly similar sentiments is a keeper!

Life is indeed fun and exciting knowing you’ll always be my partner in everything. As you continue with your internship, just hang in there my love. After all, it only gets better and sweeter, my Hana.


See the World!

Finding my Travel Buddy

I think finding a travel buddy is as important as saving money for travelling. Yes, backpacking on your own has its own perks, but seeing something amazing and having somebody to share it with is a major plus. Like what they always say, nothing is yummier than friends save for friends with chocolates, right?

 IMG_2003 IMG_2005

So, in trying out the Carrascal Extreme Adventure’s 1.1 km Zipline, I had with me as a travel buddy my little brother. Apparently, he enjoyed the ride more than feared the heights. It’s a good thing we did this together. Something that we’ll both look back to and thank God for the wonderful adventure we had.

I think I am more into adventures lately but I am keeping the ambiance of this space–thanking God in all things. Wherever life may take me–whether it be in cooking, travelling, or just in the nearest coffee shop gathering thoughts–I want to write about things that Jesus has blessed me with. I want this place to be a humble reminder of how He brought me into the waves of life and how he managed to get me through all those tossing and splashing.

For now, I am just grateful that before I end my beautiful 2014, I got to do some adventures and spelunking with my little travel buddy. He may not be my constant travel buddy but in times that he is, I am grateful. And to my forever TRAVEL BUDDY ABOVE, Thank You Jesus!

Just Sayin

Room Tour: Study Corner

Welcome to my little cornered world (where I often daydream than study)!


On my table, I have three empty (recycled) plastic cups from Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. I am not a huge fan of Seattle’s Best but because of this recent drive for a planner, I get a daily dose of their ice blended and milkshakes. Which I don’t really mind. I wanted to clear the clutter so I decided to just keep at least three books: my Pink and Black Mini Bibles, both were given by mom, and My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers which I have not finished yet ever since I bought it two years ago. Tsk.

I am loving my shiny black pouch (thanks ate ofelia) where I put my sticky notes, post-its, and other markers. Helps a lot in organizing things. And a sachet of instant coffee for the night.

And when I turned on the lights… Ready for the best Christmas-sy feeling ever!!

IMG_7171 (427x640) IMG_7179 (427x640) IMG_7180 (427x640)

Exciting Stories

in with the old

I have this habit of keeping old stuff, treating them as if they are old friends; like this old mug from my 18th (thanks Leah Joy). It has my awkward picture on one side and some beautiful quotes from movies I love on the other side.

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I can even show you movie tickets of movies I watched  in college and some old pouches or mini bags I got from people. Dusty, though. When I was in high school, I used to collect empty perfume bottles because I could not find the heart to throw them away as if they are little vessels of some memories I don’t wanna let go of. Silly, I know.

Well maybe you can give me gifts to see if I am still using them, 5 years from now? Merry Christmas!

Exciting Stories

The Great Veil Pinner

Define Struggle.


1506595_10204419683469585_3473434500624199355_n (1)

Attended a wedding, dressed up nicely, and surprised to be asked by the organizers if I could be the proxy in pinning the veil. Sponsors were running late so I had to do it.

I could imagine the regret on the organizers’ face when everybody had to wait for probably the longest minute of their lives just because the DAWN could not open the pins. Ha! We should probably do clips, instead. That would have been easier.

Exciting Stories

Lesson learned

Amazing thing about teaching kids at church is that I become the no. 1 student.

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There’s this sudden compelling force to read the passage and know the story very well; a venue to memorize one verse a week! and of course an instance where I can fully apply what I usually teach them– saying thanks and sorry whenever you have to.

Right now, I just moved in to a new apartment. And this is my favorite corner, where I usually have my thoughts gathered make probably life changing decisions! (That is, to do laundry now or later? Ha ha ha) while eating grapes.

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xo xo xo xo

Exciting Stories

Catching Flowers

I just had the best excuse to be beautiful today.

IMG_7076 - CopyIMG_7133 - Copy

Weddings. My next goal after my Debut. A while ago, while all the girls were trying to catch the flower, something in me REALLY wanted to have it. Ha ha ha There’s this strange urge to catch it and see if the urban legend’s true.

But unfortunately, somebody else did. She’s a bit older and more mature than me so I just thought maybe she needed it more. Anyway, I’m still studying and as far as I know, I dont have any savings for my future fund. Hopefully, at the next wedding.. who knows?