Short Story

SS: Monday Afternoon

IMG_1095“On a hot Monday afternoon, her soul screamed for a cup of ice cream but she got herself a glass of water instead. On the edge of her bed facing the window, staring blankly into the ruins of the recent fire, she decided to grab a book under her bed and turned to where her instax film was and suddenly realized she left it there for too long now. Re-reading again the pages, she again thought of how nice a cuppa ice cream would be. But the lazy afternoon ray hit her and decided to take a short nap instead.”

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What I have in mind


As soon as I finished college, I knew what I wanted to do next. It was no surprise when mom wanted me to take the law entrance exam right after summer of that year started. She wanted this. She dreamed and prayed (hard) to God for this.

And right when I passed the exam, I knew God was behind it. And my soul found peace.


First few weeks probably was the most challenging of all. I was new to almost everything. The elevator was strange, the hallways were different, the teachers, the classmates–everything and everyone was somehow strange.

Then the first semester ended. sigh I could not believe I made it alive! I was a bit proud that I somehow managed to standup every time my name is called for recitations. Then, I thanked the Lord for it was HE all along, and I knew it.

Then the second semester came. I promised to do better, like a lot better. The first few orals scared the beauty out of me! But once it’s finished, you’d always wanna look back and start to realize that it made you stronger. Indeed, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Then the second year. No matter how hard I try to study in advance my lessons, I just could not cope up with all the to do list flooding up. I even tried making an outline for everyday on how I should be spending every hour, or minute of my 24-hour day. But it seems like I am always in a rush! Always prefer running, or walking hastily. Always cutting short nap times and shower time.

But then, I have learned, that the hour in the afternoon moves so quickly you’ll never know 5:30 is coming fast! And palpitation starts.

But good thing though, that for a little while, you get to realize that the little things sometimes matter more. Like when a classmate hands you a case digest. Or a little whisper about that dress looking good on you. Or a waiting friend outside the room. These small and seemingly irrelevant moments actually make you wanna seize every precious second of your stay here in law school. This opportunity, truly comes once. Seize it.