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Happy many years ahead of us


Through the years, some things just do not change. Like the way you tap your fingers while you sing a song; like how you play with your beard when you try to focus and think; and like how you always buy me that Hershey’s Chocolate bar every time you go to 711.

It’s amazing how you still manage to listen even to my overly repeated stories. And without fail, you always provide me with the warmth I need during rainy days. Perhaps, it could be scary at times knowing you know me too well. You know when I’m tired, irritable, and when I’m hungry. A man who could spell the difference between those seemingly similar sentiments is a keeper!

Life is indeed fun and exciting knowing you’ll always be my partner in everything. As you continue with your internship, just hang in there my love. After all, it only gets better and sweeter, my Hana.



Super Typhoon Yolanda // But we have a Great God!

Barely 3 weeks after the 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake that hit Bohol and Cebu, here now comes Super Typhoon Yolanda that is expected to be much stronger than the devastating typhoon Pablo last year.

This also explains why I am here at mom’s office @8:28 in the evening. Mom has to work and I want to tag along.

Although the weather encourages everyone to cuddle around, I had to leave my beloved bed and stay in the office til tomorrow. Mom wants me to help distributing relief goods to our evacuees.


So I am loving my pretty pillow. Mom gave me this.Image


Now that we are facing this Super Typhoon, I know God is with us. Let us continue to pray for all of the Filipinos especially those who will be directly affected by this calamity. Let us couple preparation with prayers. 🙂

Isaiah 46:1

I bring near My righteousness; it shall not be far off, and my salvation shall not tarry: and I will place salvation in Zion for Israel My glory.

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A quick thought when I’m in my bed

During lazy days, I spend the whole day in my bed. It has ben my best friend since my first day at home. I actually find myself enjoying every minute I spend there. There, I watch movies, I listen to songs, play games with my Ipad, and observe the birds outside through my window.

I also find myself a very good view of sunsets while I am in my bed. The sun beam makes me excited and glad for another day of rest. How I wish every day would be just like this. Relaxing, Fresh, Lazy. But sometimes it can be a bit boring. And when I become bored, I get excited for classes.

The only company I have in my bed is this tiny stuffed toy Lola Belen once gave me. It’s Santa’s Reindeer Puppet. It got to my bed one day when Baby Fivo came for a visit. I thought he might need something to play with.


Apart from that lonely toy, my best buddy is my remote. 🙂 Lately, I have been tuning into Star Movies for Sweet Flicks (always been my type) and Cinema One for Tagalog Favorites.

Thank You Lord for the rest and for the time to unwind. Thank You for the movies and for babies. Thank You Lord for the gift of family. I’ll treasure these blessings.